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Instead of having a full out right Court battle, wouldn't it be easier if you could identify the issues and resolve them all sensibly, quickly, cheaply and in a less painful way.

That is exactly what ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION (ADR) is all about.

The most common form of ADR is mediation.

How do mediations work?

The parties choose an Independent person to intervene and try to bring the parties together so they resolve their differences.


You do not need to have long and drawn out documentation. You do not have to give evidence or call witnesses. You just explain your side of the dispute. Your opponent will explain his side and the mediator will try to make both sides see sense.


Usually both sides have to give a little but most disputes either settle on the day or some time later.

It is amazing how the issues that seem insurmountable appear less important when you are crunching out a settlement


If you do not resolve the dispute then you are perfectly entitled to go to Court. The Court need never know that you had tried to resolve it by way of mediation so your opponent can not thrown things that you have said in mediation back in your face.

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