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Nearly everyone  loves a car.


Some because they are practical. They can get you from A to B quickly without the hassle of buses and trains. Others love them because of the way they look or their colour. Or it might be because of the cool slick body shape or the roar of the engine.


Buying a car new or second hand is exciting but what is the best way to buy a car?


Cash, hire purchase or lease hire are examples of options.


But what is best? 


With a car comes responsibility.


You have to maintain them, clean and even cherish them. You are required by law to make sure that your car is road worthy.


New cars do not need an MOT ( Ministry of Transport) but cars older than 3 years have to have an annual road worthy test.


Legally you have to have passed a driving test to show that you are capable of driving safely.

If you cause an accident you are responsible for any damage that is why you have to have insurance.


These types of claim are dealt within the civil procedure rules.


Also you could be prosecuted in the criminal system if you do something wrong.

Some things are minor like parking on a yellow line. If you accept the ticket you pay a fine.

Others  are more serious like speeding where if you are guilty you can pay a fine and also have your licence marked. Twelve points and the Courts may take your licence away for a specific period of time.


Some things are even more serious like dangerous driving or even manslaughter where you could find yourself in prison.


The law and cars are interlinked


To find out how they might affect you ask one of our experts.


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