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"And they lived happily ever after"


and so the famous saying goes. If only that were true.

One famous comedian once said that he had been married 45 years and he had only ever had one argument with his wife. It started the day they were married and still goes on today.

We are not talking about arguments or bickering.

Unfortunately marriages fail for all sorts of reasons.


What happens when things go wrong?


Technically you can divorce your spouse provided you have been married for at least a year and the marriage has broken down permanently.


If there are children involved then the arrangements for the care and maintenance must be agreed before the decree Nisi (The final Order) is granted.


You also need to sort out any money, property or assets.


There are other alternatives.

A Legal Separation allows the parties to live apart without having to divorce or ending a civil partnership.


You may want to legal Separation for religious reasons, or that you have been married less than a year or you might just want some space to think things through.

If you need some help our experts are there to help.


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