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Work is a four letter word.


Most of us have to work.

Unless you are one of those lucky people that do not need a job or one of those that does not want a job, most of us have to earn a crust.

Getting a job is of course challenging and very stressful and it is just as hard keeping that job.

There are all sorts of rules and regulations regarding work. Some are their to protect everyone ( Bosses and staff) i.e. Health and Safety. Others protect the boss. Others protect the staff.

Others make sure you can do the job. Others allow to leave. Others allow your boss to release you.

What has happened in the USA with Harvey Weinstein is not something new or just limited to America. Abuse in the workplace has been going on for years and years and goes on everywhere and every day.

It's called bullying.

It is both a criminal offence and well as a civil claim.

Lawcatz are there to help both the boss and the staff.



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