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When you go to see a doctor or a medical advisor you do not expect to be in a worse position than when you went in. Sadly it does happen.


If your doctor, nurse, hospital or any other person working in the medical industry (even a porter) causes you damage, then you are entitled to compensation.


However, it is not as easy as that.

You have to prove that there has been negligence. i.e someone has done something wrong.

Even though someone has done something wrong they may be able to excuse themselves.


For example if you go to a Doctor and he is negligent in prescribing the wrong medicine and you lose a leg. If the Doctor can show that you would have lost the leg in any event he is not negligent and you can not claim. This is called causation.


He may not be negligent if he has warned you that there is a risk and you accept that risk.

There is also a time limit. You have to commence proceedings within three years.


Remember your claim is not only for the personal damage to your body ( this is known as  General Damage) but you can also claim for loss of earnings and other expenses (these are known as Specific Damage).

 So remember to keep all of those taxi receipts to the hospital.

Do not worry if you if you do not have any money. Most Solicitors, that deal with medical negligent claims, operate under what is known as a "no win no fee" basis.


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