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In our first show we talked about:

1. Where do our laws come from.

2. How to find a legal advisor.

3. Sued and being sued.

4. Wills and Probate.

Here are some of the legal words used and their meanings.

Common Law System: A Common Law System is one where decisions made by a senior Courts must be followed by a lower Court. Eg. If the Court of Appeal says that a particular phase in a contract should be interpreted in a particular way then any other lower Court such as a County Court must follow that decision.

A Silk: A "Silk" is another word for Queen's Counsel ( QC) The taste majority of QC's are barristers and it is awarded in recognition that the Barrister has reached a certain level of excellence. A QC gets to wear a silk gown.

Conditional fee agreement: Known as a CFA or more commonly a" No win no fee" agreement. IT means that the Solicitor and possibly the Barrister will not charge if they lose the case. If they win they will recover most of their fees from the opponent but will be entitled to charge the client a success fee which comes out of the money received.

The Intestacy Rules: When a person dies without leaving a valid will, their property ( The Estate) must be shared out according to certain rules.

Only married or civil partners and other close relations can inherit under the rules of intestacy.

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