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Where there's a will...

If you die without leaving a will there are certain rules that will apply. Some of these rules may not accord with your wishes.Without a will there is a strict pecking order of who inherits known as "The intestacy rules". If you die with no will and no living relatives, your assets pass to the government.

If you don't have a will you can not control who inherits.

The object of a will is to make sure that after you have passed you wishes will be carried out.

You can choose the person you want to look after your children or make sure your partner gets everything or even nothing.

If you are not married or in a civil partnership your partner will not inherit anything.

Making a will is easy. All you need is to write down on a piece of paper your wishes, sign and date it in front of two independent witnesses and there you have a will.

A will can cover everything that you want to happen after your death. You may want to be buried as opposed to cremated or your possessions to be decided between your friends. Writing a will is good house keeping so you will know before hand what will happen when you die.

Do you have to use a professional will writer?

No, but it is advisable. Some wills can be complicated and even the most simple wills can go wrong. If there is any defect it could make the will invalid.

In our first show Katie Khakpour-Smith explained all about wills and probate.

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