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I Shot the Sheriff!


There can not not be anything more disappointing to find out that the person that you put your complete trust has let you down. That person might be a Solicitor or an Accountant or for that matter any professional.

What can you do? The first thing you might want to do is to shoot the culprit but we all know that is not a real option.. The second best thing is to get even and claim compensation.


The word negligence has many interpretations. It could be as simple as a professional just giving bad or poor advice.


Or it might be just carelessness. Professionals sometimes just get things wrong or forget to do things. 


These failings are what are called " Professional Negligence".


There are three things that you need to look out for when considering a claim for professional negligence.


1.    Does the professional have a duty of care.

2.    Has  there been a breach of that duty.

3.    Have you suffered a loss as a result.


Sometimes you may not know if you have been let down but if you feel that something is just not quite right, or you feel that you are being fobbed off then the chances are that there is something there.


If you have that feeling then email us at LAWcatz and one of our experts will have a look for you.

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