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There is two things guaranteed in life. Death and Taxes!


No one likes to think about dying. When you are young you never think that you are going to get old or die but as they say treat today as your last because one day it will be. 


Here are some facts:


  • 60% of the adult people in the UK do not have a will. That's about 31 million people.

  • 84% of them will be aged 18 to 34.

  • There is no register of wills in the UK.

  • More than10% of people without a will believe that their money will go to the right people automatically when they die. That is not always the case.

  • 22% of people will leave over £10,000 when they die.

  • The main reason why people don't have a will is apathy.


All you need to do is to write down on a piece of paper who you want to leave your money to and any other wish, have two Independent adults witness your signature and you have a will.

What if you do not have any money? You might ask.

Well, a will is not only about money.

You might want to be buried or cremated or you might want some one to look after your children or your cat or you might want to make sure  that favourite teapot goes to your best friend as promised.

Do you need a Solicitor?

No, but it is advisable.

Are wills expensive to prepare?

You will be surprised how cheap they are.

LAWcatz are here to help.


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